Title: Oblivion
Artist: Grimes
Plays: 3909

"Peace of mind.. is something your brother needs. He has not been well, has he?"


a selection of images from the liner notes of an anthology of underground punk from the Kingston area-coming soon!

 Trailer for Anthony D. P. Mann’s adaptation of Phantom of the Opera 


On the set of Crimson Peak (2015) in Kingston (April 14th, 2014). 2/3

I apologize for not having the best quality, since I was using a digital camera.  My biggest regret was not bringing my DSLR.

also tonite i went to a premiere of anthony d p mann’s adaptation of the phantom of the opera and being the hella cool and outstandingly nice and selfless person he is, he gave me a free copy of his first feature length film terror of dracula and gave a personal autograph because he appreciates my support and apparently i’m like a groupie for often being at things he’s at.
new gorezone talks the guinea pig series 

First of all, I’m not your friend, so stop lookin’ at me
Second of all, I’m not a rapper, so stop rappin’ at me

I’m bout to end this man’s whole career, but I’m not a rapper
Look, boom, bam, bop, bada bop, boom, Pow!